John McCubbin.

Born in Hong Kong, on 19th May, 1913. Son of John and Agnes McCubbin.
John had a brother Alex and sister Elizabeth. John died in Newbury, Berkshire, UK on 29th March, 1995
Married Elizabeth 'Betty' Mary Pinckney, on 24th July, 1950.
John and Betty had one son, Colin John McCubbin, born on 11th January, 1952.

Picture taken at 3 Caledonia Crescent East, Gourock. Scotland.

'Western Counties Private Baths' Water Polo team, Champions 1933.
Seated, 2nd from left Alex. Seated, at far right John.

Captain in the Indian Army. Stationed in Burma. Dated 1941.

John and Betty at their marriage, Chilton Foliat Church, Berkshire, UK on 24th July, 1950.

John retires after 30 years as a Berkshire, UK, County Councilor.