The 2nd McCubbin family reunion in San Francisco.

Saturday 18th February,2006.

Colin Cam Bill & Bill at the reunion.

Colin Campbell Bill Bill

Bill McCubbin Senior at the reunion.

Bill McCubbin senior, guest of honour.

Click here to view a slide show of the event.

The first reunion in San Francisco, May, 1923.

The McCubbin family in 1922 Elizabeth Livesey McCubbin.(51) Alex McCubbin.(54) Alex McCubbin.(5) Agnes McCubbin Emond.(6) John Emond.(62) Andrew Emond.(61) James McCubbin.(25) Elizabeth McCubbin. (later married Jim Strachan, no children) (42) James McCubbin (Bill & Jean) (32) William James McCubbin (Carol Jean, Donald James & Lois Ann) (22) George McCubbin (No children) (23) William McCubbin (No children) (52) James McCubbin.(2) John McCubbin.(Elizabeth, John & Alex.)(4) Agnes Millar Mclaughlin McCubbin.(Married to John, 4) (41) William McCubbin. (Bill, Edward & Elizabeth) (63) Janet Rankin McCubbin.(21) Mathew McCubbin. (Bob & Bruce)(27) Elizabeth McCubbin. (Wife of William McCubbin, deceased) (1) William McCubbin.(3) Duncan McCubbin. (no children) (64) Euphemia Sheridan McCubbin.(31) Janet McCubbin. b. April 2, 1917, married Frank Nelson,  January 26, 1935.) (Diane, Frank, Nancy & Jim)(26) John McCubbin.(Rex)(24) Alex McCubbin.(Anne & Campbell) (44) Ronald McCubbin.(Ron & Pamela) (53) William McCubbin.(Bill & Susan) (33) John McCubbin. (b. Hong Kong, on 19th May 1913. d. Newbury, Berkshire, UK on 29th March 1995) (Married Elizabeth Pinckney, on 24th July, 1950)) (Colin, b.11 Jan 1952) (43)

Please move the pointer over any face to see details.

Clicking on a face will take you to history and details of that person.

The names and numbers are taken from a picture passed to me by Nancy Altman. Please check the details and let us know if we have anything wrong.

Eventually I want to add pages of information with more pictures and history to every person. If you have any pictures or details of birth dates, death dates, weddings and places etc please pass them on to Nancy Altman, who will in turn give me the information to add.

The picture and key I used are shown below.

McCubbin family 1922 with ID

McCubbin generation list

McCubbin brothers in 1923.

The four McCubbin brothers pictured in 1923.

John and Agnes with their children.

Agnes & John with their children (from L to R) Alec, Betty and John in ????

Taken in Greenock, Scotland.

Lorna McCubbin kindly supplied these two Adobe pdf files of family history. If you do not have Adobe reader on your computer, it is a free download here.

John McCubbin and Agnes Hodgeson, Family history as a narative.

John McCubbin & Agnes Hodgeson Family tree.

And, finally, does anyone know who these good folk are? I am told that they are 'McCubbins' but can not name them.

Unknown McCubbin male

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